Joint Exercises were held between the Border Guards of the Border Units of Georgia and Republic of Turkey.

Under the framework of Georgian – Turkey bilateral cooperation plan, Republic of Turkey hosted “Georgia – Turkey Border Unit’s Joint Exercise – 2023” on the territory of Turkey, at “Artvin” Province. Joint Exercises of Georgia and the Republic of Turkey are regularly organized once in two years.

The aim of the Exercise is to share best practices of the Land Border Protection and the Border Security coordinated activities between the Border Units of two Countries. The Border Guards enhanced their ability to respond to border incidents and conduct preventive operations.

In the framework of the Exercise, between the Border Units of Georgia and the Republic of Turkey, the sport activities were organized in the table tennis, volleyball and chess.

The concluding part of the training was held on the territory of the Republic of Turkey, “Artvin” Province. On behalf of Georgian MIA Border Police, the Deputy Director of the Land Border Protection Department, Colonel Lasha Martiashvili and the Head of Turkish Delegation, Brigadier General, positively evaluated the Exercise and expressed the gratitude towards the participants of the Exercise for the successful participation.

At the conclusion of the Exercise, the Deputy Director of the Land Border Protection Department of MIA Border Police, Colonel Lasha Martiashvili emphasized that the exercise’s participants demonstrated high level of readiness to counter the transnational crimes at the State Border such as illegal migration, terrorism, illegal movement of narcotics, and smuggling of weapon, chemical, biological, radiative, and nuclear means.

At the end of the Exercise, the participants were awarded with the certificates of appreciation and symbolic gifts.

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