Information for Tourists

The procedure of the issuing of entry permit of the enter, temporary stay or the movement into the Border Zone and Boundary Line

Georgian citizens and foreign nationals who wish to travel in the border zone and boundary line of Georgia for tourism (hiking, mountaineering, etc.) must have a special permit, which can be obtained either at the Border Police Central Office (12 Kandelaki St., Tbilisi), or at the Regional Divisions of the Border Police and the Border Sectors.
The form of  Entry PermitRequest  please, fill the form and send it on the following email:
The rules (border regime) related to work, entry, temporary stay and movement of persons in the boundary line and border zone are defined and the relevant permit is issued on the basis of the Resolution of the Government of Georgia №386 of December 30, 2013 “On Approval of the State Border Regime and Protection Rule”.

 To obtain a permit, the applicant (group leader) must complete an application form approved per Annex №1 of the Rule, submit it in a material form to the Georgian Border Police or send it electronically to the official email:

 For tourism purposes, when applying for a permit, the application must include the following documents:

A)  The planned route (start and finish locations);

B)    Scanned copies of the valid  Identity Document or Passport of the participants (group members).

 It is advisable to bring a Global Positioning Device (GPS) with you when taking the trip.

 Failure to comply with the regulations defined by the Resolution №386 of the Government of Georgia of December 30, 2013, on the Approval of the State Border Regime and Protection Rule will result in administrative liability per the rules established by the Georgian legislation.
Border Zone – an overland strip of a maximum of 5 kilometres in width, extending into the territory of Georgia either from the Georgian State Border line or from the coastline; as well as part of the territory of an international airport (aerodrome), railway station, international river harbour and seaport, where border control connected with the crossing of the border is carried out. In particular cases, taking into account the topography, a border area may be defined by an ordinance of the Government of Georgia in the overland section of the State Border of Georgia as 30 kilometres from the State Border line.
Border Line – a part of a border area of a maximum of 500 metres in width that directly adjoins the State Border.