Border Aviation


The Special Purpose Aviation Division of the MIA Border Police is an essential part of the Border Police. It plays a vital role in rescue missions and special situations created at the state border, also carries out various critical operations and activities throughout the country.

Border Aviation monitors the state border, border zone and maritime space, ensures the logistical support and transportation of Border Police personnel, food and other cargo, takes appropriate measures during the special situation at the state border and emergencies (including natural disasters, fires).

Border Aviation helps people living in mountainous regions and hard-to-reach areas (during natural disasters, as well as when residents require emergency medical assistance and support to handle common problems, etc.).

Border Police helicopter operates regular flights to Tusheti. After scheduling regular flights to help the local population during the autumn-winter period, Tusheti has twice as many residents during the winter period. As a result, residents can continue construction and repair work when the highway is closed, which significantly contributes to the development of local tourism.

Border Police has the following main functions: to ensure the constant readiness of the pilot and technical personnel to carry out planned and unplanned tasks, training and retraining of the pilot and technical personnel and their access to the aircraft service; to ensure the proper operation of the aircraft and, if necessary, determine the usefulness of the aviation equipment, develop and approve manuals and instructions for flight and maintenance services, etc.

In 2022 at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, an agreement was signed with the French company "Airbus Helicopters" for the purchase of 3 new helicopters. In coordination with Georgian Government, in order to further enhance the capabilities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Border Police will purchase 3 "H145" type helicopters. "H145" is a multipurpose helicopter with a capacity to perform police, transport, search and rescue operations. The new helicopters will be fully equipped with firefighting and mountain rescue equipment. With two functional engines, the flight safety of helicopters is even more increased. The mentioned type of helicopter is distinguished by the ability to operate and maneuver at high altitude, considering the mountainous terrain of Georgia, and is fully suitable for the existing tasks.