The Land Border Protection Department of the Georgian Border Police, through its subordinate structural units, ensures the physical and technical protection of the land section (the so-called "Green Border") of the state border, ensures the observance and control of the rules at the state border, boundary line and border zone established by the border regime. Therefore, within the scope of its competence, Land Border Protection Department carries out border police, organisational-legal, administrative, migration, coercive and other activities. The Structural Units of the Land Border Protection Department:

  • Main Division of Border Activities Planning, Coordination and Control - Address: 12 Simon Kandelaki St., Tbilisi 0160, Tel: 032 241 32 80/032 241 32 88;
  • Border Police N1 Division (Batumi) - Address: 154 Vakhtang Gorgasali St., Batumi, Autonomous Republic of Adjara, Tel: 032 241 3012;
  • Border Police N2 Division (Akhaltsikhe) - Address: N38 Beka Jakheli St.;Akhaltsikhe, Tel: 032 241 89 67;
  • Border Police N3 Division (Red Bridge) - Address: Kirach-Mughanlo, Marneuli Municipality, Tel: 032 241 30 37;
  • Border Police N4 Division (Dedoplistskaro) - Address: 1 Lermontov St., Khornabuji, Dedoplistskaro Municipality, Tel: 032 241 30 57;
  • Border Police N5 Division (Lagodekhi) - Address: Rachisubani, Lagodekhi Municipality, Tel: 032 241 36 29;
  • Border Police N6 Division (Barisakho) - Address: Barisakho, Dusheti Municipality, Tel: 032 241 89 32;
  • Border Police N7 Division (Kazbegi) - Address: Gveleti, Kazbegi Municipality, Tel: 032 241 89 92;
  • Border Police N8 Division (Java-Oni) - Address: 169 Baazovi St., Oni, Tel: 032 241 35 17;
  • Border Police N9 Division (Mestia) - Address: 53 Kakhiani St., Mestia, Tel: 032 241 89 50;
  • Border Police N10 Division (Zemo Apkhazeti) - Address: Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia, Gulripshi Municipality, Omarishari, (legal address) – Tbilisi (actual address – temporary dislocation), IV lane, Erekle II St.; Samgori, Didi Lilo, Tel: 032 241 89 14. 

To increase the effectiveness of the Green Border, from 1992 to the present, with the state budget and the support of international partners, a number of effective steps have been taken to organise border protection, to improve management and control mechanisms, setting up the border infrastructure and equipping with modern border protection technical mechanisms, including electronic surveillance and detection systems to increase the capacity to prevent, detect, suppress and respond immediately to illegal activities in the border zone and at the boundary line.

In 2020, under the auspice of the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), 4 Border Sectors of the Border Police Land Border Protection Department were built:

  • Dedoplistskaro Division Sector LEKISKURE (electronic surveillance system was also set up in the area)
  • Batumi Division Sector CHIRUKHI
  • Kazbegi Division Sector JUTA
  • Kazbegi Division Sector TRUSO

To improve border protection capabilities, the Border Police upgraded the personal equipment of the Border Guards, means of detection and responding to border incidents and transportation and communication equipment.

In 2021, Border Sector of “Red Bridge” Division of Land Border Protection Department of MIA Border Police was built by the state budget. Also, in 2021 Border Sector “Niala” of Akhaltsikhe Division of MIA Border Police was built by the support of US Program“EXBS”.
In 2021 – 2022 the important steps were made regarding the legislation improvement, enhancement of Border management, equipping of Border Sectors, development of Informational technology and training of border guards.
In 2021- 2022, the major changes were made in the legislation related to Border Police. As a result, Border Police’s legislation was improved and developed.
From September 1 of 2022, according to the Article 190 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, mechanisms of administrative penalties applies to offenders for violating the border regime on the segments of the State Border of Georgia.
On September 7, 2021, Georgian Government approved the changes in the decree of N386 “On Approval of the State Border Regime and Protection Rule”. According to these changes, the rules of Border Regime on the Land Border were precisely defined.
The decree outlines the details of the permitted and prohibited activities in the Border Zone and Border Line, also the obligations of the persons on this territory. According to the decree, the rules (border regime) related to permits of work, entry and temporary and the movement of persons in the border line and border zone were defined. In addition to that, according to the decree border signs in the Border Zone and Border Line of the State Borders were approved.
On December 6, 2021 the order was issued which outlines the procedures for granting the entry permit, temporary stay and movement of persons in the Border Line and Border Zone. According to this order, new form for requesting the entry permit was introduced.
In 2022, MIA Border Police of Georgia started placing border signs at the State Borders informing persons about approaching or being at the territory of the Border Regime. The Border signs are placed in the Border Zone (5 km inwards from the State Borders) and at the Border Line (500 meters inwards from State Borders).