NATO Maritime Command Commander Vice Admiral Sir Clive Johnstone at the MIA border Police

NATO Maritime Command (MARCOM) Commander Vice Admiral Sir Clive C.C Johnstone visited the MIA Border Police of Georgia to meet with the Head of the Georgian Border Agency, Temur Kekelidze.

The sides discussed practical aspects of cooperation between NATO-Georgia and further deepening the naval cooperation between NATO and the Georgian Coast Guard in the Black Sea.

It should be noted that the number of visits from the NATO Standing Naval Forces, as well as experts and mobile trainers, have been increased in the past two years.

Within the SNMG port visits to Georgia concrete steps are taken at the operational and tactical level that has increased interoperability between NATO and the Georgia maritime forces. These port visits are a visible demonstration of NATO’s continued commitment to Georgia.

Mr.Kekelidze briefed the Commander on the ongoing and upcoming projects in support of building up the capacity of the Georgian Coast Guard. The Head of the Border Police stressed the importance of effective cooperation between Georgia and NATO and praised Sir Clive Johnson for his contribution to this path.

It is the first visit of the NATO Maritime Commander to Georgia.