DTRA Delegation at the MIA Border Police

The DTRA Delegation visited the MIA Border Police of Georgia. The Deputy Director for the Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR) Directorate, Randolph Long, Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR) Directorate, Lt Col Charles Harding and DTRA Eurasia Chief Mark Rydzynski were received by the Head of the MIA Border Police Dato Nikoleishvili.

The visit aims at seeing the places and projects DTRA has assisted the Border Police in. With the support of the US DTRA extensive work has been done to enhance border security in Georgia. The partnership was focused on renovation and reconstruction of border sectors, the administrative building of K9 Office and equipping Georgian borders with Border Operation Monitoring System.

During their visit to Georgia US DTRA delegation arrived at the K-9 Service of the Border Police to see the newly constructed Administrative building, open-air cages, rooms for scent-training and veterinary. The guests were able to attend demonstrative exercises.

The guests are expected at the N6 Border Sector “Sadakhlo” and N7 Border Sector “Kasumlo” of the Border Police N3 Office (Tsiteli Khidi) to seen the renovated infrastructure at spot.