Head of the Border Police congratulated Mothers of the Fallen Georgian Sailors on the Mother’s’ Day.

Temur Kekelidze, the Head of the MIA Border Police of Georgia was joined by the Director of the Coast Guard Department, Captain Ramaz Papidze to host the mothers of the sailors fallen in the 2008 Russian-Georgian War in Poti on the Coast Guard base.

Temur Kekelidze expressed his deepest gratitude towards them for rising up such exemplary children and congratulated them on the Mother's Day.

The head of the Border Police, alongside the Coast Guard personnel and family members of the fallen decorated with wreaths the memorial to the Georgian sailors fallen for the territorial integrity of Georgia and honored their memory.

Captain-Lieutenant Taimuraz Chitadze and Marine Corporals – Zviad Barbakadze, Temur Pitchkhaia, Giorgi Ghvinjilia and Zviad Datuashvili were killed in tactical missiles bombing in Poti.