Georgian Coast Guard participated in multinational Maritime Exercise SEA BREEZE 2020

The Coast Guard Department under the MIA Border Police of Georgia participated in the multinational exercise “Sea Breeze 2020”. The Coast Guard patrol boat Dioskuria (P25) joined the maritime trainings.

Sea Breeze is a U.S. and Ukraine co-hosted annual maritime exercise held in the Black Sea and is designed to enhance interoperability of participating nations and strengthen maritime security within the region.

Sea Breeze 2020 involved more than 2000 personnel, 27 vessels and 19 aircrafts from 8 nations - Bulgaria, Georgia, Norway, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, and the United States.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year Sea Breeze drills were limited to the marine phase only with the involvement of aviation and the combined exercises only included ship maneuvers without crew interactions.

This year marks the 20th iteration of Sea Breeze. Georgia has been its participant since it was held for the first time.