Georgian Coast Guard conducted Combined Maritime Exercises with the SNMG2

Within the Standing NATO Maritime Group TWO (SNMG2) port call to Georgia the NATO force conducted combined maritime trainings in the Black Sea with the Coast Guard Department under the MIA Border Police of Georgia.

SNMG2 ships - ITS VIRGINIO FASAN (Italy), HMCS FREDERICTON (Canada), BGS VERNI (Bulgaria), ROS REGINA MARIA (Romania) and TCG SALIHREIS (Turkey) conduct combined maritime exercise training with the Georgian Coast Guard vessels “Ochamchire” [P23] and “Dioskuria” [P25].

The aim of maritime exercises is to enhance interoperability and interaction between the Georgian and Allied forces.

The visit was held in line with the recommendations from the World Health Organization and the Georgian National Center for Disease Control. In order to prevent the possible spread of the COVID-19 all public and cultural events within the visit had been cancelled. The meetings were held through VTC and the combined exercises only included ship maneuvers without crew interactions.