Georgian Border Officers trained in Identification of Foreign Terrorist Fighters

The OSCE Mobile Training Team delivered an interactive training course on the identification of foreign terrorist fighters at the borders.

The representatives of the Border and Patrol Police participated in the training. The course was delivered by the OSCE Mobile Training Team represented by national border officers from Georgia, Greece, Romania and Spain together with the international experts from the OSCE and the South Caucasus Office on Drugs and Crime (SCODC), who shared their knowledge and expertise.

The training focused on international, regional and national legal frameworks, risk analysis and management. The highlight of the training was a visit to the Georgian-Turkish border checkpoint Sarpi, where participants were familiarized with the history of its demarcation, the modus operandi regarding the identification of criminal activities at the border and the challenges related to its location directly at the black sea.

At the end of the training, all participants were awarded a certificate.