Attempted Illegal Crossing of the State Border in Groups

The Border policemen carried out an operation and detained two citizens of the Cameron on the territory of the MIA Border Police N1 office (Batumi) on the charge of attempted illegal crossing of the State Border in groups.

The Crime envisages imprisonment from 4 to 5 years.

The investigation established that the suspects were attempting to cross the State Border of Georgia illegally in groups without official border control from the Georgia to the Republic of Turkey.

Investigation is ongoing on the above-mentioned fact according to the Criminal Code of Georgia, Article 19, 344, Part II, Subparagraph A.

Within the last three months, the MIA Border Police of Georgia have charged 96 suspects on illegal crossing and attempted illegal crossing of the State Border. Namely, 15- citizens of the Republic of Turkey, 8 - of the Republic of India, 4 - of the Republic of Armenia, 4 - of the Republic of Azerbaijan, 5 - of the Republic of Iran,  5- of the Kingdom of Morocco, 1- of Iraq , 1- of Afghanistan , 1 - of Egypt  and 8 - without a citizenship.