Statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The Border Policemen from the MIA Border Police of Georgia detained a citizen of Georgia G.I. on the charge of illicit purchase, possession and caring of fire-arms and hostage-taking. The suspect was detained on the Georgian-Azerbaijani segment of the State land border of Georgia.

On January 14, the citizen of Georgia - G.I., entered the border zone. Threatening to use the fire-arms and a grenade, he forced the Georgian border guard to move to a disputable section of the border. During the incident, G.I. fired several shots.

As a result of the efficient and operative actions, the Border Policemen resolved the situation. Currently, the incident is completely settled.

Investigation is ongoing according to the Criminal Code of Georgia, Article 236, Parts III and IV, and Article 144, Part II, Subparagraph “i”.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs expressed its gratitude to the Azerbaijani counterparts for the effective cooperation in the given incident.