Information for Tourists

The Georgian and foreign citizens are required to obtain special permits for getting to the border zone or the border line (see note 1) of the State Border of Georgia for tourist purposes (hiking, alpinism, expedition, etc.). The permit can be obtained at the HQ Office (N12 Kandelaki St.) or the Regional Offices of the Border Police (in some cases at the Border Sector).

To obtain the permits, the tourists are required to submit an application at:, not later than 5 working days before the trip. An application should cover the following information:

  1. Purpose of the trip (tourism, alpinism, etc.);
  2. Period of your stay in the border zone or the border line (Dates);
  3. List of the group members;
  4. Preferred location for obtaining the permits: the HQ or Regional Offices;
  5. Contact information (phone number) of the group leader;

the following files should be attached:

  • Route of the trip marked on a map (start and finish locations);
  • Copies of the valid ID card or Passports of the group members.


You are advised to have a GPS while on trip.

Note 1:

Border Zone - an overland strip in width not more than 5 kilometres reaching into the territory of Georgia from either the State Border or a coastal line, and also the part of the international airport (air station), railway station, international river and seaport, where the border control connected with the crossing of border shall be carried out;

Border Line - a part of a border zone in width no more than 500 meters directly adjoining to the State Border;