Special Aviation Main Office

Special Aviation Main office, within the scope of its competence, carries out its activity at the Georgian  State Border,  within the border zone and in the border line, in the maritime space of Georgia and on the whole territory of the country according to the flying assignments. Main tasks of the Office are monitoring of the state border, border zone, border line and maritime space of Georgia - search, air surveillance and patrol; personnel transportation during rotations, logistic maintenance, conducting of search and rescue operations in the sea, within the border line and in the border zone, in special cases – to save people’s lives and property – on the entire territory of Georgia.

Special Aviation Main Office, in coordination with other border defense entities, involves in border-policing, office-organizational, military-tactical and other measures; Provides selection, training and retraining of pilots and technical personnel, as well as their access to the flying jets; At the time of natural disasters assists population in the mountainous regions and hard-to-access areas and provides first aid.