Rapid Reaction Main Office

The Rapid Reaction Main Office is a structural unit of the MIA Border Police of Georgia, which within the scope of its competence defends the State border of Georgia and in case of tense situations carries out additional border-policing measures:

  • At the state border (land and maritime segment); 
  • at the border line;
  • in border zone;
  • on the whole territory of Georgia (except for border checkpoints).

Tasks of the Rapid Reaction Main Office are as follows:

  1. To plan and conduct border operation on the basis of operative information about activities of special services of foreign countries, extremist and illegal groups against Georgia (except for border checkpoints);
  2. Independently or together with other relevant units to search, pursue and detain armed persons or groups which try to illegally cross or have crossed the state border of Georgia;
  3. To study and recognize operative situation in the action regions of rapid reaction;
  4. To protect the safety and property of the state, the society and citizens within the scope of legislation;
  5. To secure the security at the measures of the Border Police Authorities;
  6. To provide the operational and combat readiness in the subunits;
  7. To assist citizens at the times of natural disasters and catastrophes;
  8. To assist to prevent from and repel incidents and military or other types of aggression at the Georgian State border, within the border zone and border line;
  9. To carry out border-policing, coercive and other measures in coordination and interaction with the Land Border Defense Department, the Coast Guard Department and/or the Operative-Investigation Main Office;
  10. To conduct border-policing, administrative-legal, technical, military-tactic, regime and other measures independently or together with different structural units of the Border Police or other entities of the State Border defense;
  11. To be in permanent operational readiness to perform other tasks prescribed by the Georgian legislation.