GCG Boarding Teams have gone through NATO OCC E&F second phase

Georgian Border Police Coast Guard’s (GCG) Boarding Teams have gone through NATO “Operational Capabilities Concept Evaluation & Feedback Programme” (OCC E&F) second phase (SEL-2). Evaluation has been conducted during the port call of HMS DRAGON – the air-defense destroyer of the Royal Navy.

In 2017, two GCG Boarding Teams have been declared into the NATO OCC E&F Programme. Evaluation consists of four stages (SEL1; NEL1; SEL2; NEL2) and aims at enhancing interoperability with NATO naval forces. Final stage of the evaluation is envisaged for 2021, after which Boarding Teams are expected to be fully interoperable with NATO Standing Naval Forces. Since 2019, the same evaluation process has been launched for GCG’s two Island-class patrol boats (,,Dioskuria” and Ochamchire’’).

Alongside with NATO evaluation process, modernization of Boarding Team’s equipment is ongoing. New Personnel Protective Equipment was provided as well as CBRN detection capabilities and communication equipment have been updated. In addition, modern weapons systems have replaced outdated soviet standard firearms.

Modernization of Boarding Team’s equipment was carried out with the support of the US Export Control and Related Border Security (EXBS) Program and US Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA).