21th of March is a border guard's day

The ceremony dedicated to Border Guards’ Day was held at the MIA Border Police N3 Office Red Bridge. The Minister of Internal Affairs Aleksandre Tchikaidze and Head of the Border Police Colonel Zurab Gamezardashvili personally congratulated border policemen with their profession day.

The Minister of Internal Affairs and Head of Border Police awarded 163 border guards, who especially succeeded in protection of the State border and in development of the border agency, with medals, badges and certificates.

The Head of the Border Police also awarded Minister of Internal Affairs, Aleksandre Tchikaidze and his Deputy Colonel Vakhtang Gomelauri with the special badge - “Honorable Border Guard”.

The event was in attendance of the representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, local government, US Embassy to Georgia, Ministry of Interior of Austria, European Union (EU), United Nations Development program (UNDP), International Organization for Migration (IOM), Embassy of France, Turkey, Latvia and representatives from Ukrainian law enforcement agencies. The ceremony was also attended by 11 year old Bacho Tsiklauri from Gudamakari, who is willing to become a border guard. Bacho Tsiklauri was awarded by the Minister with special gift.

In connection with the Border Guards’ day the Minister Aleksandre Tchikaidze and the head of the Border Police of Georgia Zurab Gamezardashvili awarded journalists with certificates for objectively reporting on the activities of the Border Police.

Georgian border guards have been celebrating their profession day for the last 15 years, since 1999.