Land Border Defence Department

Within the scope of its competence, the Land Border Defence Department protects and controls green borders of Georgia; observes and controls the legal regime of the Georgian State Border, within the border line and border zone.

The department includes the Land Border Defence and Control Office and 10 (regional) Offices:

a. Border Police N1 Office (Batumi);
b. Border Police N2 Office (Akhaltsikhe);
c. Border Police N3 Office (Tsiteli Khidi);
d. Border Police N4 Office (Dedoplistskaro);
e. Border Police N5 Office (Lagodekhi);
f.  Border Police N6 Office (Barisakho);
g. Border Police N7 Office (Kazbegi)’
h. Border Police N8 Office (Java-Oni);
i.  Border Police N9 Office (Mestia);
j.  Border Police N10 Office (Upper Abkhazia).   


Total length of the land State Border of Georgia is approximately 1839 km. Length of the State Border with the boundary countries is as follows:    

the Republic of Turkey - 275 km;
the Republic of Armenia - 224 km;    
the Republic of Azerbaijan - 446 km;   
the Russian federation - 894 km.

Note: The length of the State border may be changed by the agreement between the State Commissions of Border Delimitation and Demarcation.