Brief History

After regaining its Independence in 1991, Georgia started the formation of its border service:

On August 8, 1992 Decree of the Georgian State Council on "Defence of State Borders of Georgia" was issued;

In 1992 Georgian Border Service was formed as a unit within the Ministry of Defence;

In July of 1994 the Border Defence Main Office separated from MOD as an Independent Department and in March of 1996 received the status of the State Border Defence Department of Georgia;

In 1998 law on "The State Border of Georgia" was adopted;

In 1998 the Coast Guard Service as a part of the Border Agency was formed and in 1999 - the Border Aviation;

The last Border Unit of the Russian Federation left Georgia in October of 1999;

On February 11, 2004 the State Border Defence Department became part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia;

On June 28, 2006, the MIA State Border Defence Department was transformed into a law-enforcement agency – the Border Police of Georgia;
On December 29, 2006 the Parliament of Georgia adopted the Law on “Border Police of Georgia”, defining main tasks and responsibilities of the Border Police of Georgia.