Investigation-Operative Main Office

The Operative-Investigation Main Office is a special service within the Border Police with a law-enforcement status. Through its structural units, the Operative-Investigation Main Office carries out border-policing and other crime prevention, detection and suppression measures prescribed by the legislation of Georgia, at the state border, within the border line, in the border zone, in international airports (except the cases, when by the Order of the Minister on Internal Affairs of Georgia the measures are carried out by the other MIA authorized division), in maritime space of Georgia, at the sea, in sea ports, railway stations, and within the scope of its competence – on the whole territory of Georgia (except the Border checkpoints).  Within the scope of its competence the Operative-Investigation Main Office collects and analysis preliminary intelligence of political, economical and military nature, as well as on activities of terrorist organizations; combats illegal migration, conducts joint operative measures; exchanges information and interacts with relevant services of the foreign countries on the basis of international agreements; studies operative situation at the state border and trends for its development.